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So, let’s talk about the migraine yoga program® and what it does for you! 


I have created it as a 12 week program…I know, don't freak out with that commitment, let me tell you why.  It is scientifically proven that results will be more successful and evident, given that you practice and participate in a consistent manner for at least a 12 week period.  We are all different, I have had people start feeling it and getting the benefits close to right away, but the key is to keep it up, so I created a program that we go through together to get you there!  All my programs are virtual, so, anyone in the world can join with no boundaries.  There are 2 options:

Elite Migraine Yoga Program®          


If you need ACCOUNTABILITY and want the utmost privacy and very custom approach!  You will work with me one on one privately and have my sole focus on you and your specific needs and wants for achieving better health, etc.  We will meet virtually with a set schedule that we make together, and do yoga, meditation, mindfulness and breath work as well as answer any questions etc.  Or if this is not convenient for you to meet "live" virtually with me, I will record custom sessions for you to go through. You also have email access to me throughout for Q and A, encouragement, etc. This option is also the most convenient and custom.  Also, you get unlimited group classes (gentle and restorative yoga if currently being offered) while on your 12 week program if you would like further enrichment, if . Sessions can be recorded and emailed to you for you to have access to watch the videos at your leisure to follow along with the program and for after the program ends for your review. 



Migraine Yoga Program®            

No certain times you need to be available, if it's not working for you due to a work or life situation; every week you will be emailed sessions of yoga, meditation, mindfulness and breath work to complete at your own pace for that week.  You have access to watch the videos at your leisure to follow along with the program and for after the program ends for your review.  You also have email access to me throughout for Q and A, encouragement, etc.

Physical and Mental benefits ​

  • reduces the amount/ length/ severity of headaches

  • reduces stress level and lessens anxiety

  • relaxed feeling

  • may lower blood pressure

  • better immune system function

  • more energy 

  • feeling balanced with energy levels

  • calms the nervous system

  • feeling confident and a positive image

  • may reduce inflammation and could help with chronic pain

  • may help you lose weight

  • improves quality of life and mood

  • lessen fatigue

  • helps with sleep quality with the practice of relaxing the body and lengthening the breath.

  • breathing and lung function increases

  • increases attention span and improves concentration 

  • builds strength for good posture and overall physical fitness.

  • helps to maintain flexibility and mobility in all joints and muscles.

  • improves balance, alignment and coordination 

  • stimulating the parasympathetic nervous system during relaxation. 

  • yoga can accommodate all body shapes and sizes and is not competitive, so it’s a good form of exercise for everybody and of any ability.


Again, my goal is to have you feel sooo much better and I want the results that I felt in my body for you!  That is truly what I want at the end of the day, for you to tell me that I helped you.  So, what I ask of you is to commit, to yourself!  Do it, seriously !!!  It is amazing the effects you can feel and what can happen, and believe me, I am pretty skeptical when it comes to things!  I understand it is a financial commitment, but really when you are suffering…is it really not worth it?  I know all I wanted was to feel better and back to my old self or even better…Ashley 2.0!  HAHA.  


Now that you understand the science behind the 12 week time frame, and you complete the program, you can schedule maintenance sessions with me and those can be scheduled anywhere from 1 time to however many times you want!  


Let’s schedule a free 20 minute, or so, discovery consultation so, we can chat about your situation and see if the migraine yoga program® and/or breath coaching is right for you!  

Talk to you soon, Ashley

Complimentary downloadable PDF migraine yoga® journal page for you to fill out and keep track!

Want to hear more?  Schedule a free discovery consultation 

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