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Welcome!  My name is Ashley and I am known as The Migraine Yogini®.  Let me tell you a little about myself and more importantly, what I can do for you!  I have suffered with migraines since childhood, they originally came, lasted for a period of time, and then I would go years without them!! YAY!  Then, things started to change and NOT for the better….I started getting migraines more and more frequently, and they became more and more severe with the most bizarre symptoms!  It was so scary at times!  I got to a breaking point as these migraines were affecting every aspect of my life, and I was developing stress and anxiety.  At one point…for a LONG time, I was pretty much housebound out of fear and not knowing when or the severity of my next migraine attack!  And, let me tell you, that is NO WAY to live; especially when you are used to being independent and free and having a great life! I went to many doctors, had many scans, etc.  I don’t like taking medication so, I was looking for a natural alternative.  I decided to put together a migraine yoga program™ and see how I felt… that is how The Migraine Yogini™ was born!  


I’ve been practicing yoga for several years and know the benefits first hand that yoga, stress relief and breath work have on the mind and body, and I wanted to share that with others; who like me, want to minimize their migraines, anxiety and stress.  I decided to take the plunge and become a registered certified yoga teacher with the Yoga Alliance, as well as a certified breath coach and mindfulness and meditation coach.  I was so excited to see that there is medical research out there that is, also, showing the amazing effects that it has on minimizing and/ or lessening migraine attacks; not to mention, the benefits of lessening stress and anxiety.  I never will claim that I can “cure” anything, plus we all know there is no cure for migraines, but anyway, enough about me…let me tell you what I can do for YOU to reduce the severity and the amount of migraines, stress and anxiety you do have!  


 My goal, when I work with anyone, is to get them back to their old selves, living their life, how they want it, on their terms; or come back even better and build that dream life and create that TRANSFORMATION you would think about when you were on your sofa under many layers of blankets and having to cancel plans because of how you were feeling…believe me, I know, been there, done that, bought the t-shirt and don’t want to go back!   


If you are still reading this and don't have migraines… we at The Migraine Yogini™, welcome everyone and you are more than welcome to join as all this will be a benefit to your health and mind happiness!  The Migraine Yogini™ is a “no judgement” zone so everyone is free to be who they are and not feel out of place.  This is a kind place and I do not tolerate, hate or bullying of any kind directed towards me, my staff or your peers, etc.; there will be none of that on my websites, social media, classes, etc. 

Again, my goal is to have you feel sooo much better and I want the results that I felt in my body for you!  That is truly what I want at the end of the day, for you to tell me that I helped you.  So, what I ask of you is to commit, to yourself!  Do it, seriously !!!  It is amazing the effects you can feel and what can happen, and believe me, I am pretty skeptical when it comes to things!  I know all I wanted was to feel better and back to my old self or even better…Ashley 2.0!  haha.   

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