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What is Breath Coaching and how can it help me?

Breath coaching is a safe and natural way to quickly affect your autonomic nervous system.  Lots of us feel stressed, sluggish and tired, I take the art of breathing (did you even know there is such a thing?) demystify the practice that has been taught for thousands of years and break it down into a simple, science-based approach that is virtually effective and accessible for everyone.  Let me show you haw to "really" breathe (as crazy as it sounds most of us are doing it wrong!) and you will notice differences right away!  

Breath coaching is good for everyone in our environment today, no matter if you are a stressed out student, a stay at home parent, a CEO or anyone in between.  Who wouldn't want some quick and easy practices (that can be done anywhere and get results quickly) to put in place to help our lives improve for the better?

Some benefits are

  • relieve stress

  • reduce anxiety

  • improve mental focus

  • improve sleep

  • regulate your emotions

  • balance your energy

  • boost digestion

 How does the breath coaching program work?

We will meet virtually 1 on 1 for 4 weeks, 30 minutes, 1 time a week.  With that time, I will specifically work on your health/breath goals using the best practices to get you results!  You will also have access to recordings of the practices so you can implement them daily into your schedule to ensure results and get the most benefits.  You will also have email access if you need to ask me questions, encouragement, etc. between our meetings.  After you have completed the 4 week breath coaching program, you can schedule maintenance sessions with me and those can be scheduled anywhere from 1 time to however many times you want!

*group, corporate, and workshop rates are available please contact  

So how to get started?  

Let’s schedule a free 20 minute, or so, discovery consultation so, we can chat about your situation and see if the breath coaching program is right for you!  

Talk to you soon, Ashley

Complimentary downloadable PDF breath coaching journal page for you to fill out and keep track!

Want to hear more?  Schedule a free discovery consultation 

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